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A Shift

Mar 31, 2022

Have you ever experienced a time where you could sense a shift taking place in your life? It’s an indescribable feeling, but it’s one where you can strongly sense things are about to change for you. I’ve felt different shifts over time, but this particular shift relates to my transition into the private practice world. 

For the past several years, my career has primarily focused on career development where I’ve helped hundreds of individuals outline their next career moves. With a background in counseling, my approach to career coaching has always been to highlight mental health and how it impacts who we are during our job search or in the workplace. What I noticed was our mental health is really the foundation for everything in our lives. If we aren’t prioritizing taking care of ourselves mentally then we can suffer in a lot of other areas. I know as society we are now becoming more comfortable and open with the topic of mental health, but we still have a long way to go. 

Thinking about the individuals I’ve served in my career and my own personal journey with mental health, I recognize the need and how critical it is to create spaces where people feel safe to share the ways in which their mental health has been impacted and receive the support to work through those challenges. More times than not, I speak with individuals who say I know this shouldn’t bother me but… or I know I shouldn’t feel this way about…Why is it that we have to minimize how we feel or what we’ve experienced? Why aren’t we made to feel safe and validated in expressing ourselves and our truths? Everyone is carrying or has carried some type of burden that has impacted their mental health. Just as we prioritize our physical health by going to the doctor, I strongly believe we should be honoring ourselves enough to take care of our mental health by working with a therapist. 

Here in the past few years I’ve felt a tug to incorporate mental health into my career plans more intentionally. As I mentioned before, I could feel the shift happening and knew when it was time to start this journey into private practice. I’m so proud that I’ve listened to myself and leaned into this new season of life where I can help others navigate shifts in their life whether they are the really overwhelming shifts or the exciting ones. Starting my practice, The Evolving Co. will allow me to create a space where my clients can feel empowered to do the necessary work to heal and grow and also feel seen and heard. This is where you evolve.

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