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The Evolving Co. offers therapy and career coaching services that empowers all clients to take ownership of their life journey and prioritize their wellbeing while creating a life that fulfills all they desire.

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We are committed to helping every client live authentically and intentionally by guiding them through a transformational experience rooted in accountability, self-discovery, and empowerment. Our work helps clients fully embrace where they are and who they are. This is where you evolve.

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Whether you are struggling to manage your career, relationships, life transitions, discovering your self-worth, or even finding meaning in your life; there is the power within you to overcome those battles. As a therapist, I'm committed to helping my clients identify healthy coping strategies and solutions to strengthen their mental health.

We all experience seasons where it feels impossible to manage, but you are not alone. The challenges life throws at us can leave us feeling hurt, disappointed, lost, fearful, and unable to see a way through. Wherever you are, I will meet you there. 

Additionally, I offer career coaching services where I help clients to attain career success whether navigating their job search or their current work environment. Oftentimes individuals experience mental and emotional barriers where they are managing their careers alone. I’m here to bridge that gap and drive stronger alignment between career success and wellbeing. 

I'm excited to join you on your path to improved mental wellness, career clarity, and self-discovery!


Karen Arrington, MA, LCMHCA, NCC

Owner | Therapist | Career Coach

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 How I Can Help You Evolve


Many of us may be fearful about therapy and hesitant to open up about parts of ourselves that we don’t always talk about. But the reality is therapy can help you navigate through some of the things that are most difficult to share and process. As a therapist, it is important for me to create a space where clients can work through the uncomfortable with the hopes of becoming more comfortable in their daily lives. Through our time together you will receive the necessary tools to improve your mental wellbeing and successfully reach your goals. 

*Please note: Therapy services are only offered to residents in the state of North Carolina 

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 Career Coaching

Individuals typically think of career coaching in a traditional sense and picture someone who helps with resume revisions, finding a job or preparing for an interview. But striving for career success requires so much more. As a career coach, I aim to help clients become confident as they tackle their job search and create their unique career narrative. I assist clients in becoming self advocates by helping them tap into their strengths while also gaining the tools to articulate their value. Through coaching, clients will learn to take ownership of their career journey with confidence and overcome the fears associated with the daunting job search process. 
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To evolve is to develop yourself gradually from within yourself, the evolution of your mindset, habits, actions, and life

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